How I Got Started In Affiliate Marketing

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So you want to know the story of how I got hooked on affiliate marketing, eh?

Of course you do because you want to be successful with affiliate marketing and this story will tell you exactly how I did it!

Way back in 2004 I decided I wanted to create and sell information products to Internet marketers. I knew a lot about the subject and saw a lot of people making money doing it.

So 6 months later I busted out with my first information product. Within two weeks of releasing it I made over $37,000. And I really needed that money. My husband had just been laid off from his job and we were about to lose everything. House, cars you name it. Heck we couldn't even pay our electric bill!

Now that all sounds great, but where does affiliate marketing come into this?

Well I got a lot of buyers from releasing that product…

I had someone approach me who had their own information product on marketing online and asked me if I would send an email to this list of buyers I now had about their product. They said they would pay me 50% of all sales I made.

So I created an email, sent it to my list of new buyers and BAM!

122 sales came in making me $5,795 MORE dollars!

I didn't have to do anything but send an email to my list…

Now you see why I got so hooked on affiliate marketing?

Now of course it took a lot of work to get that all going, but imagine if in 30 days you could build a list and be making money as an affiliate?

Or you could build a blog and create a following and make money as an affiliate…

Or you could setup an Amazon store and become affiliate…

There are so many ways to make money as an affiliate marketer and so many ways to make BIG money!

You don't have to create products, you don't have to deal with customers, and you don't have to work 100 hours a week to do it either!

Of course the way I got started I DID create a product and all of that fun stuff, but you don't have to do it that way. You have TONS of options and we're going to be talking about many of those options! My job is to teach you all about affiliate marketing and how you can make a ton of money with it!

I hope you enjoy this journey and most of all PROFIT from it. I know you're going to be totally hooked to affiliate marketing too once you see those profits coming in!

Here’s to wishing you a healthy, happy, and wealthy life!


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