Let Me Take You By The Hand And Help You Create Your Very Own "Backpack Business" To Quickly Get You Onto The Path Of Personal And Financial Freedom!

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Dear Future Success Story...

Alright, so we’re not going to beat around the bush here or get into some long drawn out sales letter about how you need to quit spending money on B.S. and spend it on getting someone to actually help you create an online business.

You know that’s what you need, but until now it’s been impossible to find…

What I’m offering here is plain and simple! I’m giving you the chance to have a personal one-on-one strategy session with me where I will talk with you and we will together design a bullet proof online business blueprint. You will then be able to take this custom designed blueprint, put it into place, and start making that online income you’ve been dreaming about!

You see, 2017 will be my last year as a one-on-one Internet marketing coach, and instead I will be doing group coaching only, and my goal for this last year is to create at least 100 success stories, and I want you to be one of them!

What’s considered a success story?

Someone who I can take under my wing, show how to create a profitable online business, and watch them achieve their income and lifestyle dreams.

It’s that simple…

So, exactly how does this work?

That too is simple!

Let me lay it all out for you step-by-step…

Step 1: Schedule

First of course we’ll have to schedule a time for you and I to have our strategy session... I’m very flexible so no matter where in the world you are, we can find a time for us to get together. This will be quick, easy, and painless…

Step 2: Goal Defining

Our first objective will be to define your goals. What is your ideal realistic income goal? $5,000 a month, $10,000 a month, $20,000 or more?

We’ll also talk about why you want to make this income? To be able to quit your job, travel, pay off bills, buy cool “toys”, etc, etc, etc? This will give me a clear view into your mind, so I know exactly what you need.

Step 3: View Your Options

Once we’ve defined your goals, we will view your options for creating your goal income. You can give me your input and/or I can give you several options for proven to work business models. We’ll discuss this in detail so you can make sure that you pick the perfect Internet income option.

Step 4: Profit Plan Creation

At this point we will then be able to create a step-by-step A-Z Internet income plan that will be totally custom designed to your goals, skill sets, wants, and needs. This is the GOLD in this session. This is the actual plan you will follow to create that dream income you want, so you can lead that dream lifestyle you want!

By the time we get done with this strategy session, you’ll walk away with this plan, (it will be an actual document you can print out and/or keep on your computer to view whenever you want) and be able to implement it immediately!

Step 5: Create A Timeline

In this last step, we’ll create a timeline so that you’ll know what to do day-to-day to get started, and what to do day-to-day to keep that new income continually coming in.

This will also help you to stay focused, and actually carry out what you need to do to succeed!

"The best thing I could have done! On the call with Liz, she quickly picked me up out of my funk and left me feeling rejuvenated and excited to get back to work. She's so easy to talk to and there's nothing like getting clear direction from someone who has been there and done that like Liz has. I can't say enough good things about my experience and I highly recommend working with her if given the chance."

John Zapata - JohnZapata.com

As I said, once we get done with your strategy session, you’ll walk away with a solid plan all documented. I will also be recording the strategy session so that you can view it over and over again whenever you want or need to. This is also yours to do whatever you want with, and we can discuss those options too. (Hint: You can double, triple, or even more your investment back just by doing one of these strategy sessions, and I’ll tell you how!)

Now I know this all sounds too good to be true… I mean I can’t believe I’m actually putting this opportunity out there. It’s going to create a lot of work on my part, but as I said, I have a goal to create 100 true success stories this year, and this is the only way I can achieve it.

You Have Nothing To Lose With My Personal Guarantee

To put your mind at ease, there is a DOUBLE YOUR MONEY BACK guarantee on this offer… I’m putting all the risk on ME!

This guarantee works real simple… If at the end of our session together, if I haven’t done everything I’ve said above, and you don’t get an actual Internet income blueprint that you can use to create the income you need to lead the lifestyle you want, I’ll give you double your money back. PERIOD!

It’s that simple… No smoke and mirrors or marathons to run. If I don’t get you what you need, I’ll give you double your money back.

"I recently had a coaching session with Liz and I was blown away by how quickly and easily she "got me." Her knowledge and experience in online marketing and coaching were evident as she immediately connected with where I am in my business and the next level of growth I've set as a goal. In just one session she helped me gain clarity and identify the direction I need to take to get to where I want to go. "

Yvonne A Jones - YvonneAJones.com

As you can see, you simply can’t go wrong with this offer!

You’re going to be meeting with a 12 year veteran of the Internet income world who has made millions of dollars in over 20 different niches by creating products, providing services, and so much more. If money can be made online, I know how to do it, and now you can finally tap right into my brain.

All you have to do is click on the order button below. Pay your one time payment of only…

Wait… wait… wait…

The price for this was going to be a one-time fee of $997.

Ouch… I know, but believe me it would be the best grand you ever dropped on anything besides the hospital bills when you had your kids.  Right now though since I’ve just opened this, I can only take 10 people total in. Yep, that’s it! I can only handle 10 coaching clients at one time to be fair to everyone…

So to kick things off with a bang, for these first 10 people you can get your one-on-one coaching strategy session with me for only $497 $297!

That's $700 off my normal rate...

No other fees, hidden charges or anything like that. You pay once, we do your session, and you don’t have to pay me anything else.

And… Oh yeah… Not only am I giving you a huge discount, but I’ll also give you an 60 days of email coaching with me too.

That’s right, once we do your strategy session, you’ll then have daily access to me so that I can get you through anything you need while implementing your personal Internet income blueprint for the next 60 days!

You’ll also be able to get on a live weekly webinar with me for any hands on help that you may need!

Wow… I can’t make this once in a lifetime chance for you to become a true success any better.

I’m going to tell you exactly what to do to create that income that allows you to have the dream lifestyle you want, and I’m going to be by your side for the next year to help you as you implement it. All for a one time payment of only $497 $297!

Remember though…

There are only 10 spots, so make sure you grab your spot right now because when you come back they could all be gone.

Simply click on the order button below, pay your one-time payment, and you’ll be redirected to the member’s only area where you can schedule your personal one-on-one strategy session with me!

Yes, Liz, I'm Ready To Have You As My Personal Coach!

Just to recap I understand that I will be getting…

1. A 60-90 minute strategy session with you where you and I will completely plan out a bullet proof online business plan that I can then take, implement and profit from.

2. 60 days of unlimited email coaching after the initial strategy session. This will allow me to get any questions I have or get the help I need to implement the online business plan that we develop together.

3. 60 days 1 YEAR of hands on weekly webinars that I can get on and get any help that I need from you personally. I understand this will be an interactive learning environment where I can watch and interact with you to get the help I need to be successful with my online business.

4. Everything backed by your “Double My Money Back Guarantee”!

I can’t wait to get started, so I’m clicking on the order button right now to get 1 of these 10 spots before they’re all gone!

Take A Look At What Other People Have Had To Say About Liz's Strategy Sessions...

I have been following Liz Tomey for several years and there's a good reason for that.

First and foremost all of her training materials are absolutely as complete as she can possibly make them. Also Liz teaches what she actually uses and implements in her business. This is not some rehashed-regurgitated BS.

Liz is one of those who actually gets more enjoyment out of watching her students succeed as opposed to making that almighty dollar.

TY Liz for everything you have done for me and don't you dare stop teaching...there are to many of us who get tremendous value out of your training.

- Roy Jones, www.royajones.com

Liz is one of the best coaches I know. When she teaches, she makes sure you understand what she's talking about and will continue to explain it until you do. She backs up her patience and friendly style with an amazing knowledge of marketing and selling products. If you're looking for someone to help you with your business, Liz Tomey is the one.

- Mike Martin, www.webmarketingforbeginners.com

What can you say that hasn't already been said about her? Well for me personally, I have been following Liz for a few years now. I have purchased many different and always GREAT products, which Liz, always, always over deliveries on her packages. Up until recently, I had been trying to make the IM thing work all alone. Yeah I had a mentor or two, more or less. Then Liz offered one of her many coaching courses and I was lucky enough and able to get into one of them.

What a difference!!!!!!! Liz is excellent at what she does. She breaks it down to the point anyone can grasp what she is teaching. Now don't get me wrong she will work with you as much as you need it, but trust me, she will climb all over you for not not following her direction. Liz has spent years honing her skills and knowledge. Liz knows her stuff. Another great thing is, she messes up things live in front of you, laughs it off, fixes it and moves on. She is very human and transparent with all she does, and shows you everybody screws up now and then, even those that have been doing it for years. Not just us rookies, but even the veterans.

There is no way I would be where I am today had it not been for Liz!!!!! She made me see the errors of my way, showed me, kicking and screaming the whole way, how and why things were done in the order and the way they are. Liz has helped me so much in sitting down, focusing on picking one thing and one thing only. Working on that one area until it is up and working, then and only then can I move to the next project. No more running around trying this mode, that model or the next newest and greatest Easy Button idea.

If you want to do it right, then by all means necessary, get trained by Liz Tomey, could not be happier or more thankful for my time spent with Liz and her training.

- Richard Layne, www.richardtlayne.com

Liz Tomey and I have been around the block together for a few years now. I can honestly say I have learned a ton of information, inspiration, and challenges from Liz and will continue to learn with her. The style she has in teaching and inspiration is caring and thoroughly right on point in a manner that can be understood by even the newest "newbie" (wish there was another word - I hate that word).

Anyway, anyone wanting the lifestyle of time freedom needs to pay attention, act, and then share with others as much as Liz does. She embodies for me the saying, "If you continually give, you will continually have."

- Lynn Fecke

Liz Tomey is one of the best teachers I know when it comes to learning how to start an online business in a step by step manner. I was a student a few years ago and even though I felt I was pretty knowledgeable at the time I was able to learn more and more importantly I learned the "whys" of doing things. It's one ting to know how to do something but better to know why.

She is organized, knowledgeable, funny, sincere, honest, and was well worth my financial investment and time. Even to this day I refer back to the lessons and webinars she provided in the class. In my opinion, you can't go wrong with Liz Tomey as your mentor.

- Rick Mann, mannclannenterprises.com
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