Don’t Ruin Your Special Spots!

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Most of the time here on the blog we just talk about getting wealthy, sprinkled with some getting healthy, but rarely do I talk about getting happy.


Mainly because our focus is developing an online business here, but a lot of it is because “getting happy” is really a personal thing for me.

It's a constant journey and struggle all in one…

I spent a lot of years being unhappy and over the last few years I've made realizations as to why I stayed unhappy. Why I held on to things that made me unhappy.

The biggest factor in the UNHAPPY times was me

Owning that and knowing that has empowered ME to be responsible for my own happiness. I've had to go out into the world on my own and find my own happiness!

One of the things that makes me incredibly happy is the beach. I have an unnatural obsession with it actually, and I can't explain it. When I'm at the beach it's just a soul cleansing experience and each time I leave it I feel new and like so much of life's crap has been washed away.


Now that I live in Florida (if you didn't get the memo I just recently moved from Chattanooga, TN to FL) I get to spend a lot of time at the beach, and I almost made a HUGE mistake today.

I almost took my work to the beach…

(This is the spot where you scream in horror…)

You see you need “special spots” you can go to in the world where you can just “recharge“. Where you can be at total peace and just breath. Even if it's just for 15-20 minutes at a time. These places NEED to be outside of your home and preferably outdoors in fresh air.

When I lived in Chattanooga I used to go to Lookout Mountain a lot. A place called Sunset Rock. Since I was 15 years old it had been my “special spot“. I NEVER ever took my work there, and that's because it was my place to seek total peace.


But now that I truly live a “backpack business lifestyle” I'm finding that I'm going to need new special spots, but I can't “taint” them bringing my work to them. To keep me on the path to being happy I need to fully focus on me when I'm in these special spots…

So my advice to you to help you with “getting happy” is to find a special spot and let yourself just be you there.

No work…

No kids…

No spouses (or significant others)…

Just YOU!

You need these times to “recharge” so you can run your business with a clear mind and be able to just get away from it all!

For example… I have a client I was talking about this with earlier today and she said one of her “special spots” was a local cemetery. She doesn't know anyone that is buried there. There's a bench there next to a huge tree and she spends her lunch break there several times a week.


I think so… 🙂

But it's HER special spot and it makes her happy and that's what matters!

Your special spot can be just about anywhere just have at least ONE, and remember don't ruin your special spots with outside “things”.

I hope this post has inspired you on your continued journey to living a healthy, happy, and wealthy life and I'd love to hear about any special spots that you have!

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  • Hey Liz,

    I couldn’t agree with you any more…I am always on the road (Rving) and finding more of those special spots. We (the Wife and I) have a Yearly Migration all our own and this is the 2nd year,

    Our favorite is also here in Central Florida (west coast beaches) from January till the end of April. Then we head north to Chicago IL to visit with the Kids and Grandkids a quick trip to Iowa For great Car Show and back to Massachusetts for June.

    Make all my Doctors Happy , Take care of our local clients and on to some more Traveling, Car Shows and Camping Throughout New England.-Wash and Repeat-

    Work is a 4 letter word lol. A Mobile Lifestyle +Business is the best medicine prescribed to me by my Doctors. After all Staying Healthy is Living….

    hmmm, I might work with that one

    Great Article looking forward to your next.

  • I like Ocean and beach watching birds, boats and dolphins. Now living in country side not far from ocean in a home growing vegetables and eating healthy. New spot now sitting on swing in gazebo with laptop.

  • Wow Liz! I had no idea you had relocated to Fl. I have lived in 3 different countries, I’m originally from Jamaica in the West indies and have lived in 5 different states. I currently live in FL. I have had to move twice, because of work, so this is my third time to return to FL. I love the climate and the lifestyle here in Fl. One of my favorite things to do is to get up before sunrise and go to the beach. There is a pier in the town I live in and lot of people fish from it. There is nothing like seeing the sun come up on the water and night turning into day. Awesome!

  • Very inspiring post, Liz… you’re lucky and smart to have moved to where you can indulge in your “unnatural obsession” with the beach. My obsession is not so much a place, it’s blue sky and sunshine… after 30 years of obsessing with living in San Diego, we moved here 8 years ago, and I have enjoyed every day of it. I had to wait so long to get here, and I obsessed about it so much that even now, I frequently stop and think, “Oh my God, I am really living in San Diego, this is my HOME!”

    I will search for my special place, but in the meantime, I am following your suggestion in an earlier post to get in your car and drive around to clear your mind. That is such a great idea, because I can enjoy the beautiful blue sky and sunshine of Southern California while I drive. As a matter of fact, as soon as I finish this comment, I will get in my car and enjoy the beautiful blue sky and sunshine at 78 degrees of this delightful day in the middle of winter… If that isn’t one of God’s special blessings, and don’t know what else it could be…

  • Thanks for the reminder, Liz. Down time is essential to recharge .. and you just can’t do that if you bring your work with you. Right on.

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