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The first step in affiliate marketing is deciding on your business model.

I have said that statement probably 30,499 times. 🙂 I hope it sinks in this time…

In previous posts I've talked a lot about different affiliate marketing business models. A business model is simply the plan you create to DO something, so an affiliate marketing business model would be the plan you create to actually DO your affiliate marketing.

One affiliate marketing business model that I teach I call the “social affiliate marketing business model“.

This is where you setup a blog and use it to market products as an affiliate AND build your list so you can market products you're an affiliate for to that list too. I then use social marketing to get traffic. That's the entire business model in just a few sentences.

In this post I want to give you some ideas you could create a blog around for this affiliate marketing business model.

Here you go…

Niche Book Reviews Blogger – Book lovers are a GREAT niche of BUYERS. Creating a blog around a BIG book niche and doing reviews for those books does a lot of things. It allows you to create great content that leads to sales, the search engines loves reviews (even though I don't use SEO with this affiliate marketing business model), AND people share reviews so you could get traffic from the shares too. This is a great idea to make money with affiliate marketing for your book lovers.

Amazon Buyer Reviews Blogger – I don't know about you, but I buy A LOT of stuff on Amazon. They have an affiliate program you can join and it's one of the easiest affiliate programs to get accepted into depending on where you live. Why not review all of the stuff you buy (or want to buy) and get paid for doing it. Again because it's a review they have big sharing power and reviews lead to sales!

Bucket List Blogger – This is an idea I have that I actually want to DO. When I get the time…

If you LOVE to travel, but haven't done a lot of traveling why not research the places you want to travel and blog about them. Put together travel intenaries for places you want to see, a list of touristy spots for each place, or 1 of a million other different ideas. You could become an affiliate for travel related products and promote them on your blog.

Niche Online Course Reviews Blogger – Online courses are something else I buy a lot of. Why not get paid for going through those online courses? You could review every online course you go through, make a post about it, and then use your affiliate link for that course in your posts. If you have success with an online course you could even blog about that and really get people buying!

Lifestyle Blogger – A lifestyle blog is a blog about YOUR lifestyle. What does your lifestyle look like? For me its… Online business, parenting, traveling, and living a healthy life. If I were to start a lifestyle blog these would be the things I blog about.

Now because there are so many topics it can be hard to get your marketing straight because someone may follow you for your traveling knowledge, but couldn't care less about your parenting knowledge, but these blogs work well because there's a wide variety for the reader and for you there are many different products you could promote as an affiliate.

Make posts about the topics you cover, and find products you can recommend in those posts.

Niche Food Blogger – Food is a HUGE topic online, and people love seeing it and reading about it. The key here is to go NICHE. So types of food from different regions, topics like quick meals, family meals, etc. are what you need to focus on. Just go niche. Find things that you can be an affiliate for that related to your food niche. This could be recipe books, cooking tools, etc.

Personal Brand BloggerWhat is ONE big thing that people could learn from following you? The way you save money? The way you run your business? A topic you know A LOT about? Then starting a blog using your name and teaching the ONE big thing you know could be a VERY profitable journey for you. When you create posts on things just add in your affiliate links to related products/services.

Fad Diet Blogger – Fad diets are HOT and this is another niche FULL of buyers. You could do a blog on ONE fad diet, or do a whole blog on different fad diets. There are so many products and services related to each fad diet that you'll never run out of products to promote.

Now of course these are just ideas. Not really niches as such and you can also do some niche research and find a topic for this affiliate marketing business model, but this is a good list to get your idea juices flowing. As I find more ideas to share with you, I'll update this post. 🙂

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