What Is The Best Online Business Model For Beginners?

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If you're wandering around the Internet trying to think of how you can cash in with your own online business you may have seen there's a millions different things you can do.

You could start a store with physical products in it. Either products you create, you source, you get drop shipped, and on and on.

You could create and sell digital products.

You could create and sell digital assets like content, graphics, etc.

You could sell services.

All of that requires a big game plan, lots of time, and you're going to need YOUR ideas to fuel everything.

But there's another way you can have your own online business.

Affiliate marketing!

This is where you sell products/services and make a commission when someone buys through a link that the product/service owner gives you. This link is “tagged” to you so anyone who clicks on it and buys you get the credit/commission.

There's a whole techy aspect behind it, but for the sake of your brain and mine just know you get a “special link” that the technology fairies create for you. ๐Ÿ™‚

Why is affiliate marketing better than any other business model to get started with?

You Don't Have To Be The Creator

Well first off you don't have to create the products or services yourself. The product/service owner has done that already. You just do the marketing. We will talk about the marketing part in just a second.

Yay! No Customer Support!

Second… You don't have to do any customer support. The product/service owner takes care of the customer.

You direct people to them, you make your commissions (percentage of what the person spent when clicking on your link), and the product/service owner does the rest.

Oh don't worry… I got more reasons you're going to LOVE! ๐Ÿ™‚

It Wont Cost You An Arm And A Kidney

Third… It doesn't cost much to get up and going.

Depending on how you do affiliate marketing (yes there are MANY ways to do it) will depend on what you need.

Basically once you know your niche and you KNOW there are products in that niche that have an affiliate program your next steps are getting a domain name (around $10), getting hosting (a GOOD host will cost your $10-$30 a month), getting an autoresponder (around $20 a month and I recommend Aweber), and then something that allows you to build websites (I SWEAR by OptimizePress and it's $99 a year).

Earn While You Learn

And the best thing about affiliate marketing… Since you don't have to invest a lot (money or time in product/service creation) you don't have a whole lot to lose.

You can learn marketing inside and out, try all kinds of tactics, and even see holes you could fill in the market with your own products and services later on.

You can use affiliate marketing for earning while you're learning.

Let's say you find a niche and it's a “dud”.

Meh… Try a different niche. Get another domain name and move on.

Marketing tactics aren't working? Throw them out and bring in some others.

You're just putting your affiliate links out there and you can do it however you want. ๐Ÿ™‚

Now of course we want to make LOTS of money with our efforts, but with affiliate marketing you don't have to “go all in” on something and then lose everything when it doesn't work.

With affiliate marketing, you put a little money in, some time, and if takes off and makes you a ton (or even a little money) then GREAT!

If not… What can we do next? New niche? New products/services to promote? Trash the whole thing and start over?

If you keep learning and doing you WILL start earning.

When You Find The Sweet Spot

And finally… The last reason!

When you create something andย  you start seeing money then you simply add more traffic to it.

This is called scaling your business.

So no matter what affiliate marketing business model you're using, once you get it making money, you simply add MORE traffic and you'll make more money.

Duh, right?

THIS is how you explode your income. When something starts making you money that's you're fire, and to make you're fire bigger you add fuel to it (traffic).

So here's what I want you to take away from all I've just said here…

Affiliate marketing is a great place to start with creating an online business because there's little risk involved with a lot less time and money than any other business model.

Got it? Good! ๐Ÿ™‚

So is affiliate marketing the business model you want to start with?

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Hereโ€™s to wishing you a healthy, happy, and wealthy life!


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