The Mission

The mission of is pretty simple!

I want to see YOU healthy, happy, and wealthy… These three words mean many different things to people.

For me being healthy isn't being skin and bones like society says we should be. It's eating well and exercising so I can be the best me and enjoy life for as long as I can.

For me being happy is about doing things that make ME happy. Things like helping others, exploring the world, beach time, etc.

For me being wealthy means having enough money to put away for a rainy day (like retirement), pay my bills, and fund my “retail therapy” and travel habits.

I have this crazy idea that by creating an online business that you LOVE you will lead a life that you actually WANT. Not one that you just exist in, so that's the main focus here…

Getting you into an online business you LOVE that funds the life you WANT!

The online businesses that I teach here all can be ran from anywhere in the world and I focus on these types of online businesses because I never want to see you in anything that restricts where you are or where you want to be in the world. I encourage you to wander! 🙂

So, explore my teachings and trainings and if I can help you please let me know how I can do just that. Remember helping people is part of my “happy“!

Liz Tomey


  • Liz, I love this Mission! So important to do the things we love along the way…. enjoying our lives in and outside of our work while… helping others do the same. It’s like one of those images you see with mirrors facing each other…. they reflect each other to infinity.

    Exciting stuff!

  • I am happy for you Liz. Not too long ago, you were going through a divorce, and a death in the family. It’s good to see you happy again. Good luck with your new brand 🙂

  • I think this is great, Liz. Instead of just promising “piles of cash,” focusing on people’s own health, wealth, and happiness goals is a great mission.

    I love the site, it looks very good.

  • Right on health, happiness and wealth are in the right order. Just starting on an IT way of life so any info is greatly appreciated. Awesome mission statement.

    • Thanks Ron! That’s why I’m going for… I want to teach people how to create a lifestyle not just make a little money! I mean come on… We all want to make good money, but if you can’t enjoy life then you can’t enjoy the money either!

    • Yeah!!! So glad this has touched you and encouraged you. I hope you truly take what I teach and put it to good use. I’d love to hear about your journey so keep me updated! If you’re on Facebook send me a friend request. My name on there is Liz Tomey Bing This is probably easier. >>>


  • Love what you are doing with this new site, and new approach… very much along the lines I would like to follow in my own life… I have just recently ’embarked’ on a new focus… even though I’ve been online for around 11 years, my financial success has been minimal and sporadic at best! I have avoided the ‘IM’ niche mostly, because I was waiting until I was ‘financially successful’ and then recently I thought, well that’s stupid… I have learned a ton, I have a bunch of skills and I can actually help people… so that is what I decided to do… I definitely need to focus on health and doing something I enjoy, especially since I’m now in the ‘senior’ category of life, and I am a full time carer for my 88 year old Dad…
    Totally agree with your summary on Healthy, Happy and Wealthy… I feel the same about what they mean to me, although, I would probably change retail therapy and travel, to moving back to the country and having a more self-sufficient lifestyle and being able to fund my retirement, instead of depending on the Government…
    Definitely having the freedom to do some enjoyable things in life, and if I were to travel, it would be as a ‘grey nomad’ around this wonderful country, I am so fortunate enough to have been born in (Australia).
    So I am adding your site to my watch list… and will follow along with interest with how you develop things… 🙂

    • Thanks so much Lynne!

      And you’re right. Most expertise comes from education. Go out there and start DOING. Then just preach what you practice. If you have the ability to teach it then teach it! Keep me up to date on what you do!


  • Liz,
    Rather uplifting! How do I know you are right?
    Well, I have had open heart surgery ’06, Cancer of bladder ’11
    (now a cancer survivor), major operation to give me a new left femoral artery ’12,
    (which did not work!) and I will be 80 in January … and do you know what?
    As I should know, ahead of most people out there, health and happiness are good for you, money helps one get the other.
    I give thanks every day that I am so happy and lucky, and your attitude convinces me that you are the one to make all this work.
    I look forward to your future stuff as I guess you know exactly where I am coming from.
    Great stuff

    • Wow Barrie! Good vibes and prayers to you my friend. So glad to see you continuing on your journey and understanding that healthy and happy are the two most important things!

  • Dear Liz,
    I have purchased several of your products over the years and have been immensely satisfied with each & every one.
    I really like the new direction you are taking. Why? Ten years ago, I rode out Hurricane Katrina in the Hyatt (the same huge, black building next to the Superdome, with hundreds of broken windows that was shown on TV thousands of times).
    In the aftermath, my father (an uncle that raised me from birth) was evacuated and I couldn’t find him (no phones, no electricity, no gas stations and New Orleans was blockaded by the National Guard at every entrance of the city). It was over a month later that I found out he had died in a unfamiliar city surrounded by total strangers.
    I’m sharing this with you because my goal is to have a portable profession that will allow me to relocate and NEVER have to face a hurricane again.
    From your brief description, it sounds like your “mission” could possibly be my salvation.
    I am certain that there are other people in your network that have similar, and possibly even more trying issues than myself to deal with.
    So, YES, PLEASE continue your mission. I have a feeling your efforts will touch (and possibly even save) many lives.
    Thanks for being a pioneer,
    David Thorn

    • David this is such a touching story. Thank you for sharing my friend. Stuff like this is what keeps me trying to do more and more for you guys!

  • Hi Liz,

    This sounds great and I can’t wait to see your progress.

    It’s been said that if your job is something you love to do, then it’s really not work. I want to get to that position myself and will hopefully be able to follow your lead.

  • Liz,

    Love the the mission of your new site and seeing you take things to the next level. Can’t wait to see what you have in store!

    – Brian “also needs ‘retail therapy’ funding” Edmondson 🙂

  • I love your mission. I have yet to get started. I am in so many directions that my hyper self is doing to many things both house chores and work. I am looking forward to this mission. Thank you for sharing your time, knowledge and your life with us.

  • You have engaged in an awesome project Liz. I am am so glad to be a student in your Backpack Program.
    As a Baby Boomer and semi-retired, I have been trying to find a way to supplement my retirement income as well as create a life full of meaning and purpose.
    I have been trying for 6 years to find a way to create a portable business that would allow me the freedom to do all of that as well has help other Baby Boomers to do the same.
    Too many Boomer Women have very little or no pensions to help them through their retirement years and I would love to help them to build their own online businesses and live a happy, healthy and wealthy life.
    Here’s to to a Happy,Healthy and Wealthy Life!

  • Hi Liz,

    I wish you great success on your mission and also thanks for being there when I need help with my business, and of course being Happy Healthy and Wealthy is the way.

    So Liz have a great day.

  • Totally agree with the sentiments of Liz here, I actually walked away from internet marketing having allowed myself to become too distracted by too many shiny objects arguably and through doing so did not quite connect all the dots.

    My biggest advice would be to pick a mentor and Liz is way up at the top of that list and just follow everything you are taught. That is not to say that there are not others who can add to your skill set, but it is way too easy to get distracted and de-railed when u get too many opinions thrown your way.

    Information overload will always be a killer of your aspirations so trust in Liz is what I would say.

    Hope that helps
    All the best Chris Raine from the UK

    • Chris, I am incredibly touched! Thank you for your kind words!

      And you are spot on in your advice. It’s all about finding that ONE thing, totally zeroing in, and only focusing on it!

      I’d love to hear what you’re doing now!


      • Hi Liz

        I have two sides to me these days, one of which is building websites using wordpress as the platform, and building mobile websites and secondly and completely none related I am a Reiki Master Teacher.

        Skills I learnt through a basic knowledge of SEO have helped ranking my sites so I still utlise some things that I picked up over time.

        I have never left your list and would not rule out some return to oline marketing but it would be in a measured way and more controlled and focused on one project at a time.

        I intend to watch all the content on this site, I know as always it will be full of good advice and high quality content.

        I hope that life is treating you well and understand from previous comments that life has had its challenges and traumas.

        Thank you Chris

  • Hey Liz,

    Love the mission! I’m ready to be helped along the way to building an online business that makes me money, keeps me happy and allows me the time to get stuck into an exercise regime to keep me healthy.

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