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So we’ve talked a lot about the affiliate marketing business model, but today I want to talk about your first step as an affiliate marketer which is finding affiliate programs to promote.

Most of the time depending on your niche will depend on how you do this.

For those of you in the Internet marketing/make money online niche you have it a bit easier because there are huge affiliate market places devoted to products in these niches.

My favorites are…

1. JV Zoo – I really like this place because so many people are using it and it pays instant commissions. Meaning when someone buys you automatically get that money put into your PayPal account. 🙂

2. Warrior Plus – This is mainly an affiliate network for Warrior Special Offers, but you can find some really good products here. You just have to weed through a lot of bad ones. 🙁 This network also pays instant commissions.

3. ClickBank – ClickBank has been around forever and it does have it’s faults, but a lot of people still use it because it’s trusted and a great platform to sell products from. As an affiliate you don’t get instant commissions, but since ClickBank does all the payouts you’re guaranteed to get paid.

Now for those of you in other niches there are affiliate networks out there for you too, and my favorites are…

1. Commission Junction – CJ doesn’t offer an instant commission program (most niches don’t), but you can find things to promote as an affiliate for just about any niche you can think of.

2. LinkShare – This is a lot like Commission Junction. Again no instant commissions, but a great network!

3. Share A Sale – Again like the other two, but this is probably my favorite one!

Now if you can’t find a product for your niche, you have one more option, and that’s some good ‘ol search engine research.

Just head to Google (or whatever search engine you use) and search for your niche affiliate program.

For example if I’m in the gardening niche, I would search for…

gardening affiliate program

You should be able to find things to promote that way…

Note: Be careful of private affiliate programs run by a product owner. Sometimes some people aren’t great about actually paying you your commissions.

Now if you can’t find a product in your niche to promote as an affiliate that may be an indicator that you’re in a niche that wont make you money. That’s a whole other topic, but I did want to mention it here.

Okay hopefully the resources I’ve given you here will better help you find the perfect product to promote as an affiliate.

Remember as I said this is the first step as an affiliate marketer. You want to get this right from the start because if you pick the wrong product no matter what you do it wont make you money.

And as a reminder… For those of you in the Internet marketing/make money online niche, there’s an amazing resource at that will show you 49 different affiliate programs that are recurring. Meaning they pay you over and over again. This is like the holy grail for affiliate marketers, so make sure you check it out!

Okay if you have any questions about finding products to promote as an affiliate marketer please post them below. I’d like to use this post as a go to resource for those trying to find products to promote as an affiliate so let me have those questions!

Here’s to wishing you a healthy, happy, and wealthy life!


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