Your Thoughts On The Little Book Of Backpack Businesses

Written by liztomey

I finally started writing my book the other day and you can download the first version of it at

This post is dedicated to talking with you about the book. I’d love to hear any questions you have on what I covered in the book or any other feedback you’d like to give.

Hearing from you keeps my “creative juices” flowing which makes me work harder for YOU so let me hear from you!

Here’s to wishing you a healthy, happy, and wealthy life!


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Liz's Motto: Let's all get healthy, happy, and wealthy!

Liz Tomey is a crazy redhead with an entrepreneurial spirit that shines out in everything she does. Her teachings have helped many create online businesses that fund the extraordinary lives they love. Since 2004 Liz has created and successfully ran many different online businesses in several different niches and shares her passion for online business in hopes to change the lives of those who are searching for a life they truly want to live!

"Her magnetic personality, her vast knowledge for online business, and her vibrant passion for your success will put you on the right path to living the life of your dreams." - Redmond Lawthorne


  • You really hit the nail on the head with this one, Liz. Picking ONE option and sticking with it is so important. In an industry that bombards you with new offers and new business models several times a week, it can be easy to bounce around from idea to idea without ever progressing in any of them.
    All of these ideas are great and the examples provided really helped me kickstart my creative juices and start coming up with my own ideas. This is another great resource, Liz!

    • Awesome Randall! Thank you so much for your kind words. I can’t wait to see what you explode into with this online fun! 😉

  • Great new book by Liz, as usual…..but his one gives you 7 different ways (she says 7, but if you count all the sub-ideas she listed, there are way more), to make a living anywhere in the world you happen to land in. With Liz you can always count on her to shoot straight, never sugar coat it, plus she lives what she teaches. If you have a chance to get coaching from her, figure out how to do it, but by all means do it. Liz is a GREAT coach, not easy on you, but a great coach. Follow the steps she has outlined here and if, you put the HARD WORK in, you will have the lifestyle you have always wanted!!!! As usual GREAT JOB LIZ!!!!!!

  • Hi Liz,
    A perfect beginning!
    A Cheat Sheet for changing your life.
    Pick a poison and take your medicine.
    Sounds drastic, but if you pick ONE thing and work on it, you stand
    a much better chance of completing something and getting results.

    I heard a marketer say about a week ago,
    “The Fox who chases two Rabbits at the same time, goes home hungry.”
    So like you say in your PLR training , over and over again…the money is there
    for the taking.
    The secret is Just get your “Ducks in a Row” and go after what you want.
    One thing at a time.

  • Hi Liz,
    We have known each other via Internet for many years and I have read a very unhappy persons mind between the lines. As you know your ex and I have also been friends and I want you to know that we never discussed your lives together.

    I recently purchased your List Building Membership and I am still waiting for my first Subscriber.

    Like you I am downsizing my Internet Presence and projects and trying to concentrate on the ones that I really have a feeling for. I look forward to working closer with you even though I am somewhat cowed by your determination.
    Your friend,

  • Liz,

    In the Little book of Ideas, the link for Product Creation just goes to the JVzoo site.

    Also, is there much difference between product creation and the PLR creation course you have coming up?


    • Thanks Kevin! Will get that fixed…

      As for your question… There’s no difference in how you create the content. You create the content just the same. Doesn’t matter if you’re selling it with or without rights. However the delivery, sales process, etc is totally different.

      Make sense?


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