What The Heck Does Liz Do?

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Note: I used the above photo of me because it truly sums me up. It was taken during Halloween in 1985. I wanted to be Cyndi Lauper, and truly thought I could be. Now of course I got older and I don’t want to be her, but my knowledge that I could be anything I wanted to be never changed! I hope you have that knowledge too!

I’m creating this post in hopes that explaining my online business will help you in creating your own online business and to answer this question I constantly get asked…

“Liz what is it exactly that you do to make money?”

And although it’s not a hard question to ask, there’s a lot to it.

My standard answer is I’m an Internet marketing and online income consultant. I also speak on stage at marketing seminars and events on the topic.

That usually either makes people quit asking questions because they think I’m speaking a different language or those who get it ask lots of questions that I’m usually more than willing to answer!

So to sum up what I do here’s the list…

1. Coaching calls – I charge hourly to speak to me about creating/running an online business. My general fee for this is $497 per hour. I often have specials that I run where you can get deals on coaching calls with me.

This could be an entire business for me if I chose to just focus on it, however because it’s not my favorite part of business (I like to be more hands off) I don’t do it too often.

2. Group coaching programs – With this model I find a topic that many want to know about, create online lessons they can go through to learn about the topic (usually over a 4-6 week period of time) and then have group coaching meetings where people in the program can have access to me and get any help they need related to the coaching program.

This too could be an entire business model for me and is where my focus actually is right now!

3. Digital products – I find what people want to know about, create a digital product (ebook, software, video tutorials, services, etc) that teaches them what they want to know about, and create a product launch to sell the finished product.

Again this could be an entire business model too, and I use it in one major way that we’ll discuss a different time. 🙂

4. Affiliate marketing – Basically I have a list of people who follow me and I recommend products to them. When they buy through my links I make a commissions

This also could be an entire business model, but it’s “add on” income for me. I already have a list, so when a great product I think could help them with their business comes along I can tell them about it and make money.

So there you go… If you have ever wondered what Liz does to make money now you know!

By doing these things since 2004 it’s allowed me to create an amazing business I can run from anywhere in the world. If you have questions about what I’ve talked about here or questions about an online business you want to create then make sure and leave your comments below!

Here’s to wishing you a healthy, happy, and wealthy life!

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Liz Tomey is a crazy redhead with an entrepreneurial spirit that shines out in everything she does. Her teachings have helped many create online businesses that fund the extraordinary lives they love. Since 2004 Liz has created and successfully ran many different online businesses in several different niches and shares her passion for online business in hopes to change the lives of those who are searching for a life they truly want to live!

"Her magnetic personality, her vast knowledge for online business, and her vibrant passion for your success will put you on the right path to living the life of your dreams." - Redmond Lawthorne

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  • Wonderful post Liz… thank you for sharing the answer to: “Liz, what is it exactly that you do to make money?”

    For everyone who wrote you asking that question, I bet there are 1000s of people, like me, who wondered about exactly that same question… very informative and inspiring answer.

    Thank You!!!

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