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Written by liztomey

It’s been a while since I’ve written a review for a product, but I had a lot of questions come in on this product so I wanted to SHOW and TELL you what this is and what it is NOT…

So first off I’ve done a video of the member’s area to show you exactly what you’re getting. You can watch the video below to see everything. It’s a quick one. 🙂

You can check out Copy Paste Commissions at >>>

Okay so that’s everything you get!

If I had to sum up this product I’d say this…

It’s a valuable strategy guide for ANYONE doing affiliate marketing. There are several sales strategies in it, email marketing strategies, and even traffic strategies. These are the kind of products you want to buy. It’s people who are in the “trenches” actually DOING things to make money and then telling you what’s working!

Who is this for?

If you’re an affiliate marketer this IS for you. Now granted these tactics are for those who have a list, but if you don’t you can use the traffic tactics that they teach you to BUILD a list. I used just ONE traffic tactic I learned last night and added 14+ subscribers and didn’t spend a dime! I know that doesn’t sound like a lot of subscribers, but if you use what they teach you daily over and over again your list WILL grow!

Who is this NOT for?

If you’re NOT doing affiliate marketing obviously this isn’t for you. 🙂 If you’re also not willing to go through the course, and actually WORK and use what you learn this isn’t for you either. These are REAL tactics that REALLY work, but you have to put REAL work in. Did I say REAL enough? 🙂

Does it REALLY work?

In short… OMG YES! There are several tactics in this course and every single one of them works! Michael and Omar have TONS of proof to back up what they’re teaching. I mean these guys together have done over 4 million dollars in affiliate commissions. Enough said!

Final thoughts…

I LOVE products like this. Ones that show you what’s actually working. No smoke and mirrors or theories. These guys are showing you what’s working in their business and even though you may not be able to do it as big as they are right now if you USE what they are teaching you you will see success and that success will grow over and over everytime you use what they’re teaching you!

I 110% recommend Copy Paste Commissions!

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