I’m A Goal Junkie!

Written by liztomey

I decided to create this post for two reasons…

1. To motivate you to set and achieve goals

2. To see how I can help you set and achieve goals in your online business

Back in May of 2014 I started a new lifestyle and becoming more healthy was a HUGE part of that new lifestyle. Like we've talked here before you don't just GET healthy. You constantly work to become healthy and then constantly work to STAY healthy. It literally is a LIFESTYLE not just something you do.

Now to keep the exercise part of my healthy lifestyle going I'm constantly changing up what I'm doing. Sometimes I run, sometimes I walk, sometimes I ride my bike, sometimes I do Les Mills classes, and a ton of other things.

When I first started bike riding a few months ago I literally thought I was going to die! I was able to run 8-10 miles when I started biking and thought it would be EASIER.

It wasn't…

Not to start anyway.

It is now MUCH easier, but in the beginning it was hell! I live in the valley of several mountains and I don't think we have a flat spot in our whole city (Chattanooga, TN). Riding a bike here is up and down tons of hills and some of them very steep. One hill I even call “Satan” because it is the hill from hell! πŸ™‚

I started out by setting small goals. Twice a week I would ride 5 miles. After a few weeks I was riding 3-4 times a week and doing 15-20 miles each ride.

Notice I said I started by setting SMALL goals…

This past week though I set a goal to bike 100 miles in ONE week.

And I crushed it!

The picture you see above is me at mile 100…

For some that's no big deal, but for me it was like conquering the world.

And that's my point here!

To conquer something you simply set small goals until you have completely conquered it!

To conquer something you simply set small goals until you have completely conquered it!

For instance when I first got started with my online business I knew what I wanted to do. I wanted to create and sell digital products.

So I set small goals to be able to do that.

My first goal was to create my first product in 30 days.

Did it!

My second goal was to make at least $10,000 in 6 months from my product. I made $37,000 in just TWO weeks.

Did it!

My third goal was to create enough products to break six figures in one year.

Yep… DID IT!


Because I set goals and let NOTHING keep me from reaching them.

Everything I do in my life there is a goal behind, and failure is NOT an option for me. I don't care how long it takes me to reach a goal (although I do recommend ALWAYS setting a timeframe too) I will pound away until I reach it.

This is EXACTLY what you need to be doing to make the money you want from your online business.

I'm not sharing all of my goals and achievements with you for fun. I'm sharing them with you because I want you to know that you can crush your goals. You've just got to set them, and let nothing keep you from reaching them.

Keep repeating in your head…

“Failure Is NOT An Option!”

Live by it each day!

Start with small goals and as you achieve them you'll become totally addicted to setting and achieving them. I guarantee it! πŸ™‚ One right after the other you'll just knock them out! It's like having all these trophies in your brain. πŸ™‚

On your journey though I'd love to know how I can help you with setting and achieving your goals.

What can I do?
What can I teach you?

I'd love to hear from you on this so just leave your comments below and I'll be sure to see what I can do to help you!

Here’s to wishing you a healthy, happy, and wealthy life!


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Liz's Motto: Let's all get healthy, happy, and wealthy!

Liz Tomey is a crazy redhead with an entrepreneurial spirit that shines out in everything she does. Her teachings have helped many create online businesses that fund the extraordinary lives they love. Since 2004 Liz has created and successfully ran many different online businesses in several different niches and shares her passion for online business in hopes to change the lives of those who are searching for a life they truly want to live!

"Her magnetic personality, her vast knowledge for online business, and her vibrant passion for your success will put you on the right path to living the life of your dreams." - Redmond Lawthorne


    • Thank you so much Robin! And same to you… You’re one of my special people that make me do what I do each and every day to help! Thank you so much for all your support over the years!

  • Very inspiring post Liz, and extremely helpful to learn how you set and achieve your goals. I have my goals as well, but I do not have your “do-or-die” or your “failure’s not an option” commitment.

    I will go now and revise my goals to include deadlines so I can go ahead and “crush” them… frankly, it’s a bit scary, this burning your bridges behind you approach. But the flip side is that there will finally be money coming in for my efforts… that’s pretty heady stuff for me.

  • Great for you to share the success in your life Liz. Setting achievable goals is a great way to move ahead in this maze of a profession, I fully agree.

    Keep up the great example. \


  • Hi Liz,

    Great post your right start with small goals that the best way. I do agree that taking first goal and making sure that you should finish it. I

    Is the first step that people should do.

    So Liz thanks again, and have a great day!!!

  • Hi Liz,
    Glad I came by to read!
    Since I am now checked out on buying, it is time to get down and dirty
    and use that cute meme above.
    SET Small Goals and Work until you Conquer it. (changed it a little)
    Do a little bit every day to reach the goal I have set.
    Nothing is automatic. Requires motivation, a goal and a good
    plan to work on to accomplish.
    Thank you always for the motivation and the inspiration I get from
    watching what you accomplish.
    <3 πŸ™‚

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