Why A New Brand?

Written by liztomey

Yesterday I was on the phone with a client who I was talking with about building her brand. I was using the new brand I'm building here as an example. She asked me why after all of these years running a successful business why I was building a brand new one.


On May 14th 2014 I made a life changing decision, turned my life upside, and started a NEW life.

I was so unhealthy and I was so unhappy that even all the money I was making didn't matter.

I was horribly unhappily married, the death of my mom had finally set in and was consuming me, I was working 14-16 hours a day, and had a ton of other stress on top of me.

I walked away from my entire life and started a new one where I could be healthy, happy, and wealthy and with this new life I want to build a new business where I can teach people how I got healthy, happy, and wealthy so THEY can do the same thing.

By showing people my life, and teaching them, just maybe I can make a difference and this new business and brand I'm starting will all be worth my struggle!

Your story may not be just like mine, but I'm sure from what I've learned I can help you get healthy, happy, and wealthy!

It all starts with finding three things…

1. Something that makes you money (wealthy)
2. Something to keep you in shape (healthy)
3. Something that makes you smile (happy)

We're going to talk about these three things here a lot with the main focus on finding you that something that makes you money from where ever you may be or WANT to be in the world.

So with that said…

Are you ready to get healthy, happy, and wealthy?

If you answered yes make sure that you get on my list, follow me on my social channels, or any of the other many ways you can keep up to date with what I have to share with you!

Here's to wishing you a healthy, happy, and wealthy life!


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Liz's Motto: Let's all get healthy, happy, and wealthy!

Liz Tomey is a crazy redhead with an entrepreneurial spirit that shines out in everything she does. Her teachings have helped many create online businesses that fund the extraordinary lives they love. Since 2004 Liz has created and successfully ran many different online businesses in several different niches and shares her passion for online business in hopes to change the lives of those who are searching for a life they truly want to live!

"Her magnetic personality, her vast knowledge for online business, and her vibrant passion for your success will put you on the right path to living the life of your dreams." - Redmond Lawthorne


  • Hi Liz,

    Last year (Friday June 13th) I had a mild heart attack at 49 years old. I don’t smoke, don’t drink and thought I was in fairly good shape. Well that apparently didn’t matter since one of my heart’s arteries was 80% clogged. I had a stent put in and I’m fine now, but I got a wake up call.

    I’m now on 5 different medicines and lost 45 pounds (even though I wasn’t too overweight). So like you, I’m trying to live a more healthy life with healthier foods and exercise. Yes, I occasionally slack off, but try not to.

    For wealth, my family and I moved to Nashville to work with my sister and her company two years ago. I make a fairly decent living, but more money would be better. My “real job” does give me some freedom to invest in my online business which is nice. But having a successful online business is my goal.

    For being happy, my family life is great. My wife and two kids make me happy (even though they do drive me crazy sometimes), but the stress and constant traveling with my job can bring me down. I’d love to be able to have a nice income whether I’m at home or on vacation.

    So Liz, I’m looking forward to traveling with you on your new journey and I hope to accomplish the same goals you are as well.

    I wish us both success 🙂

    • Wow Mike! That’s the kind of stuff that will for sure change your life. Follow along here and I know you can get that one missing link in life and then you’ll have even more time to enjoy being healthy and happy. 🙂

  • Hi Liz, Over the years I have followed your career and have bought
    many of your products. I think you are super bold in starting this new
    phase of your life. I wish you much success, health and happiness.
    Will follow your journey and see if I can emulate it in some way.
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  • Liz, that’s a great mission statement. I wish you well with the new brand. I love your products and services now. Sounds like they’ll just keep getting better and better.

    I too am aiming for healthy, wealthy and happy. It’s so hard to focus and choose a single path at a time to get there. I downloaded your pdf and I want to do all of them. This scattergun approach is slowing me down to those goals.

    But from what I see online, focusing is how you get results. So my challenge starts there, with focus.

    All the best to you.

  • Liz,

    I lost track of how many times i told you that you had a natural gift for this and stood out above the crowd. One of the best takeaways i get from this new turn of events is that whats truly good for you ends up being truly good for everybody.

    I look forward to watching your cintinued development and success.


    • I WOULD say that you were probably in the back of my mind in deciding to launch this, but then I’d have to admit I was thinking about you. <3 *lol* Seriously... Thanks Eric! I might smart off to you a lot with your comments, but I AM listening! 🙂 Love ya brother!

  • So many people attach “success” to only wealth. When the reality is all three – health, wealth, and happiness – are equally important for your overall success. You can’t be successful if any one of those three is lacking in your life.

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