Surviving The Online Business Game

Written by liztomey


Stop what you’re doing and watch this video. It will REALLY put things in perspective for you and get you closer to success!

I also recommend that you grab a pen and paper (or whatever you use to take notes) and make sure you take notes as you go through this video!

It’s an old video, but one that is incredibly relevant and will help you…

You’ll thank me later… Check it out and leave your comments below!


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  • Wow. Fits right in with my article I’m writing.
    All about creating a product.
    This really does answer the “why” about people failing to make a living or making money on the internet.

    1 thing at a time. Learn what you need to know for that ONE thing and
    forget the rest.
    What I am doing that is helpful to me:

    Got a school kids blue lined them book…39cents at the Dollar General.

    Wrote out what I have to do when I start.

    By the way, watching this video and commenting are not on my list. However I found it helpful… reinforced the first thing I have on my Note:

    So, Thanks Liz, and hope someone else can manage to really listen, learn and then Apply.


  • Thanks Liz! This is exactly what we were talking about yesterday! I need this virtual kick in the pants 😉 And on of your coaching memberships too. Great video as always.

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