Backpack Business Lifestyle Weekly Coaching Webinar Schedule

After years of doing the Backpack Business Lifestyle Weekly Webinar I've decided to retire them. It's with great sadness, but I've got to put more focus on my core coaching students and this webinar took up a lot of my time. Preparing, doing, and then all the post stuff. It was A LOT of work. Not regrettably though because these webinars were a "spring board" for so many!

If you'd like to attend weekly webinars with me you have two options...

1. Be a Client - Click here for info.

2. Be a paying customer. Each week I do a weekly webinar for all paying customers. No matter if you've only spent $1 with me you get access to these. They are called The Team Tomey Weekly Inner Circle Meetups and you can join them by clicking here.

Chad Eljisr Chad Eljisr,

Liz has a special talent in breaking online business models into actionable bites that are easy to implement. She always over delivers, and for a long time her weekly webinars simply kept me on track and helped me achieve my goals.

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