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  • 100% BS Free!

    I’m Liz Tomey and over the years I’ve created several Internet businesses. I know what works and I want to share it with you without all of the BS hype you find online!

  • Quick And Easy Read!

    You wont find a bunch of fluff in this book. Just the “meat and potatoes” on how you can have your own online business you can run from anywhere in the world.

  • Real Online Businesses That Make Money!

    I’m laying out several real online businesses that are PROVEN to make you money in this book. Pick one… Go make money! It’s that simple!

Robin Lee

This book is loaded with great ideas and some very sage and practical advice; pick something you're good at or interested in, and FOCUS ON THAT ONE THING to build your business around. Wish I had thiswhen I was drifting from one thing to the next. I would have established myself a lot sooner. Everyone has something they're good at - use this book to spark your imagination and get you on the path to having the life you want.

Robin Lee
Randall Hall

You really hit the nail on the head with this one, Liz. All of these ideas are great and the examples provided really helped me kickstart my creative juices and start coming up with my own ideas. This is another great resource, Liz!

Randall Hall
Richard Layne

Great new book by Liz, as usual, but his one gives you 7 different ways (she says 7, but if you count all the sub-ideas she listed, there are way more), to make a living anywhere in the world you happen to land. With Liz you can always count on her to shoot straight, never sugar coat it, plus she lives what she teaches. Follow the steps she has outlined here and if, you put the HARD WORK in, you will have the lifestyle you have always wanted! As usual GREAT JOB LIZ!!!!!!

Richard Layne