Product Empire Backpack Business Tutorial 2

Written by liztomey

And today we have video #2 in the Product Empire Backpack Business Tutorials! If you've missed any of the posts in this series you can access the “Overview” tutorial by clicking here and the first video tutorial by clicking here.

In this tutorial we are skipping the second part of getting this business setup and focusing on the third part.


Because you need the third part before you can do anything with the second part. 🙂 You'll see what I mean in this video…


1. Ready To Go Squeeze Pages – Use one of these to get your squeeze page up and going.

Squeeze page for the make money online niche –

Squeeze page for the list building niche –

2. Ready To Go Products – Use to get products setup that you can have in your product empire. You can see what products we offer setups for at 

3. Super Sales Machine Empire – Get 20 different products setup so you can have your own product empire the quick and easy way!

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  • Liz you have known me for many years and I have most of your products. I have most of them set up and ready to go with squeeze/upsell/products and follow up products. With that said I have only one problem I turn 78 years old on Sun and with the government trying to get my last dime I am basicly broke. When I am living on the farm I am way too busy (not getting as much done as I once did) to watch training videos live but I love tutorials that I can watch in my free time. What I have to have to survive is a traffic plan where I have say a half dozen free ways to build traffic. Then using them I can sell products and with at least 75% of that income I need a list of about 6 cheap places to buy traffic. Then I can ramp that up with less paid traffic or traffic that pays for my promotions. With out a free way to get income started I am doomed to failure if you know what I mean.

    • Don… If you follow what I’ve shown here… Squeeze page that has emails that automate the sales of all your products, then you’re right you do just need traffic. That’s it! Once you have a system setup then all that’s left to do is drive traffic. You have lots of options…

      1. Facebook advertising
      2. Solo ads
      3. Media buying
      4. Banner advertising
      5. An affiliate program

      And on and on and on…

      The biggest problem people have is starting with ONE traffic tactic and getting it working.

      What ONE traffic tactic have you used to drive traffic to anything?


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