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A few weeks ago we started talking about the Product Empire Backpack Business. This is hands down my favorite business model because of how easy it is to run. It's great for beginners and also great for you seasoned marketers too!

I made a post covering how the entire thing works, (which you can see by clicking here) but because I had so much feedback about it I wanted to take the rest of this week and the weekend to provide you with some step-by-step tutorials that will help you actually build and profit from this kind of “backpack business“.

Here is the first video in this series… It's only 5 minutes and 38 seconds, but has some clear direction for you to get started at the end. Watch it, implement what I'm teaching you, and tomorrow I'll have the next video ready for you in this series and you can continue on in setting this all up!


1. Ready To Go Squeeze Pages – Use one of these to get your squeeze page up and going.

Squeeze page for the make money online niche –

Squeeze page for the list building niche –

2. Ready To Go Products – Use to get products setup that you can have in your product empire. You can see what products we offer setups for at 

3. Super Sales Machine Empire – Get 20 different products setup so you can have your own product empire the quick and easy way!

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  • Hi Liz, awesome tutorial! I’m sure my customers would love this. I’m actually in the “PLR” niche, so being able to resell PLR to products is ideally what I look for, or even reselling the resell rights. I was wondering, does your ready2gosystems and IMsetupservice have affiliate programs? I’d love to join, all my customers are previous resell rights and PLR buyers that I think would find this really useful.


    • Hey there! Currently does not because we’re releasing it at a REALLY low cost. Once the price goes up we will. does. Is the email you left here a good email to reach you at?


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