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So you're looking for a profitable niche? Then you're at the starting point of your online business, and this is the MOST important decision you can make.

Pick a bad niche and you wont make any money… It's that simple!

So the MAIN niches that are the most profitable are…


Of course there are thousands of sub-niches for each of those main niches. You of course wouldn't go into the “health niche“. You'd go into a niche within that niche like weight loss, diets, home remedies, etc. Same for the other two main niches. You want to find a niche within them that can make you money.

Note: If you want to learn how I find profitable niches to create business around I have an entire video tutorial on how to do it that you can watch by clicking here.

Now besides these monster niches other big niches that are profitable include…

Personal development
Internet marketing
Again you of course want to go into a niche within one of these niches.

So these are the top 6 BIG niches. Is what I've done below is listed these 5 big niches and as I have time will add the profitable niches I find within these niches. If you find one that interests you, pick it up and run with it!

Here we go… (Not listed in any certain order.)

Main Niche 1: Health

1. Diets (I recommend specializing in just ONE kind of diet.)

2. Anti Aging

3. Running

4. Chronic Fatigue

5. Exercising (I recommend specializing in just ONE kind of exercise.)

6. Organic Food

Main Niche 2: Wealth

1. Personal finance

2. Credit Problems

3. Debt Management

4. How To Budget

Main Niche 3: Relationships

1. Seduction

2. Divorce

3. Single Parenting

Main Niche 4: Hobbies

1. Woodworking

2. Gambling

3. Backpacking

4. Gardening

5. Travel

Main Niche 5: Personal development

1. Anger Management

2. Depression

3. Anxiety

4. How To Be Confident

Main Niche 6: Internet marketing

Because this is a big niche that I am so active in, I have devoted an entire posts to this niche. Please click here to see a list of the most profitable Internet marketing niches.

I'll be adding to this list from time to time. If you have recommendations to be added to this list leave a comment below and I'll check it out to make sure it's profitable and add it here if it is. 🙂

Here’s to wishing you a healthy, happy, and wealthy life!

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