How I Made Money While At The Beach

Written by liztomey

So the whole goal of an online backpack business is to be able to run it from anywhere in the world, right? But what about those times when you can’t or don’t want to work? How can you make money and get away from your business for a few days?

By using systems and continual work!

Here’s what I mean…

As many of you know I just spent 7 days in gorgeous Sarasota, FL. I had an amazing “tour guide” that showed me a lot of cool stuff and I was even able to do a little exploring by myself. I went down there to visit, spend time on the beach (which I need to be a functioning human being), and to start getting a little more acquainted with what will soon be my home. More on that another time… πŸ™‚

Had it not been for systems that I have in place and the continual work I put into my business I’d never been able to just step back and enjoy like I did last week. Let’s take a look at how I was able to make money while at the beach.

1. ClickBank Check – Clickbank sent me a check for almost $1300. Now that was a nice bonus. Okay it wasn’t a bonus. It was money I worked for. I promoted a product related to creating and selling your own digital product. I wrote a few blog posts, did a video tutorial, and sent all that out to my list a few weeks back.

That continual work got me a nice little paycheck that arrived while I was out walking the beach, enjoying some food somewhere, or driving around taking in Florida. πŸ™‚

2. Instant PayPal Commissions – Before I left I had one of my friends ask me if I would promote their product. After looking at the product I knew it would help my people so I created a blog post reviewing the product and loaded an email into my autoresponder to go out while I was on vacation. I also did a blog post on the topic and again loaded an email into my autoresponder to go out while I was on vacation. I also wrote a straight “promotional style” email and… you guessed it… loaded an email into my autoresponder to go out while I was on vacation.

By using my autoresponder and content I was able to load everything up BEFORE I even left and have it going out. I made about $1900 for using a “system”.

3. Instant PayPal From My Products – Most of the money I made though came from an affiliate promoting one of my products.

A lot of my day is made up of emailing people in my niche and asking if they would like to promote my products for a certain commission. This makes me A LOT of money, but it comes from continual work. If I don’t reach out to people then I don’t get them promoting my products using THEIR traffic tactics, which means I lose a lot of money.

While at the beach for a week I made about $1250 from just ONE affiliate promoting my products! In all fairness they got half of that, so that leaves me with $625.

So I made around $3825 while at the beach…

Don’t be fooled though. This has taken years of work to pull off, but you can learn from what I’m teaching you here, cut the learning curve, and start doing stuff like this much quicker than I have.

So here’s what I suggest you do…

1. If you’re currently not building your list then you need to be working on that each and every day. Having a list of people interested in your niche that you can email is like having an ATM machine. You can find something that will help them in some way while making you money, email them, and get paid.

I highly recommend you get and go through my course called First List Profits at It shows you how to build your first list of 1000 subscribers and make your first $1000 from them.

2. Create content that educates people into getting on your list and/or buying things through your links that make you money. Post this content to your blog, Facebook, and anywhere else you can.

3. Create your own products and recruit affiliates to sell them for you! I’ll have an entire course on this soon so stay tuned. πŸ™‚

There are of course a lot of steps that go into each of those things, but if you work on them a little bit at a time you’ll see that you too can step away from your online business from time to time and still make money!

So there’s our “get wealthy” lesson for the day. πŸ™‚ What questions or comments do you have on what I’ve shown you here? Just leave them below…

Here’s to wishing you a healthy, happy, and wealthy life!

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  • Wow… Thanks for the post Liz. I appreciate your willingness to share the numbers. THIS is what motivates me…. Real results – not fake or pie in the sky stuff.

    • Glad you liked this Jimmy! You’re a total sponge and absorbing everything. I look forward to see how well you do with your own business!

  • I do have First List Profits and will go through it again and in much greater detail. I haven’t really gotten to the List and Traffic part of this business yet because I didn’t feel confident enough that I had fully and properly set up my products and funnels to warrant driving traffic.
    That has all changed with your DFY sites and a few other products. NOW I’m ready to build my list.
    Thank you for all you do

  • Liz, there are a lot of work and time needed before reaching the stage you are in. May get into information overload. How do you overcome that? I am at this stage now.

    • Information overload is the HARDEST roadblock you will come across. My advice is to have just ONE thing you focus on and JUST focus on that. If it’s not DIRECTLY related to YOUR business it just simply does not exist. Being able to say, “Nope… That’s not related!” and just move on can be very powerful. You’ve just got to be disciplined enough to put it into practice. πŸ™‚

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