Are YOU Really Ready To Invest In YOU? Part 3

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And here we are… The final piece of the puzzle. 🙂

This has truly been a great series that has spurred some great comments and feedback. I really hope you’re paying attention and listening here because I’m giving you HUGE keys to being successful at this whole starting an online business thing.

Okay so we’re covering three things you need to be investing in (and a lot about what NOT to invest in) and so far we’ve talked about…

1. A coach/mentor

2. Services that help you get things done (outsourcing and “done for you” services)

Today we’re hitting another big one…



Spend money to get people in front of your business…

Most of the time when you buy advertising you can get people in front of what you’re offering immediately! That means money in your pocket quickly!

You need to quit wasting your money on “other stuff” and put it INTO your business by…

1. Buying solo or ezine ads in newsletters that are related to your niche

2. Buying banner ads on sites that are related to your niche

3. Using Facebook advertising to reach your niche

And all the other traffic buying tactics you can think of!

Let’s take a look at an example of fast money by buying advertising that I just did…

I’ll go over this step-by-step:

Step 1: I bought a domain name related to PLR and setup a simple squeeze page. Much like the one at but the free offer was for a resource guide related to learning to use PLR products to make-money.

Step 2: I went over to JV Zoo and found a product that was related to making-money with PLR products and got my affiliate link for it.

Step 3: I created a download page where people could download the free offer I promised them on my squeeze page and right under that had an ad for the product I found on JV Zoo that was hooked to my affiliate link. That way when people clicked on it and bought it I would get paid a commission.

Step 4: I bought a few solo ads and turned on the traffic.

Four easy steps that made me over $300 and added a few hundred people to my list! And I'll continue to make even more money from those new people on my list by sending them additional offers!

By buying the advertising I was immediately able to make-money because I was immediately able to get “eye balls” in front of my “money maker” which was that product I found on JV Zoo.

This is why advertising is something you should DEFINITELY invest in with your business!

If you can buy traffic from someone who has people interested in your “niche” then you have a way to make-money VERY quickly!

It’s like putting a dollar in and getting TWO of them back. I mean how many times a day would you do that?

So just to recap here and end this series…

You absolutely MUST invest in yourself with your business, BUT only on the right things. And three of the top things you should be investing in are…

1. A coach/mentor (See to get your own coach/mentor.)

2. Services that help you get things done (Outsourcing and “done for you” services.)

3. Advertising (You've got to constantly get people in front of your stuff!)

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this series and answer any questions that you have so leave your feedback/questions in the comment section below…

Here’s to wishing you a healthy, happy, and wealthy life!


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