Are YOU Really Ready To Invest In YOU? Part 1

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I’ve been doing a lot of coaching calls with people my clients lately and it really got me thinking…

The people I’m talking to are coming to me because they are failing at starting a successful online business. The biggest issues they are facing are…

1. They are buying everything they see
2. They are not focusing
3. They have no clear path to-profits
4. They aren’t spending money on outsourcing
5. They aren’t spending money on advertising

Basically to sum it up people who are failing at starting an online business are buying too many things, not focusing, and not spending money on the right things.

Of course with any business you have to spend money on your business, but it’s not in buying everything you see. It’s in defining a clear path to get you to profits and then spending money ONLY on the things that keep you on that path.

So I want to tell you the three things you should be spending money on and explain each of these things.

Today we’re only going to talk about ONE of those three things and then tomorrow and the next day we will talk about the other two.

Sound like a plan?

Here we go…

The NUMBER ONE thing you should be spending money on in your business is a mentor/coach.

Meaning find someone who is already making money with an online business that you can pay to coach/mentor you on how you can be doing the same thing.

This is hands down the best place your money is spent because you actually get REAL help and not just some video course or an ebook or a piece of software or anything like that.

I have gotten on the phone with clients who have been trying to create an online business for years (some of them 10+ years) and after just 30-40 minutes on the phone with me they can get a clear idea of HOW they want to make money, and exactly HOW to do it.

Is it more expensive to invest in a coach/mentor?

Sometimes, but look at it this way…

You could spend thousands on the “latest and greatest” courses, spend hours and hours of time going through them, and stay just as lost and confused as you were before or…

You could take that same money, save a bunch of TIME and headache and use that money to get yourself a mentor/coach. As long as you DO as your coach/mentor tells you then you’ll find that creating your own online business becomes much more simple and you actually MAKE money instead of just spending it.

For example…

I was on the phone with a client the other day and he was talking about affiliate marketing and blogging and SEO and starting a membership site and buying this and that.

I was able to help him plan out an entire business model that was JUST on affiliate marketing. He no longer needed to learn about SEO because it wasn’t related to his business model. He no longer needed to focus on having a membership site because it didn’t fit his business model. He didn’t need to buy this and that because it didn’t fit his business model.

By coming to me he was able to “clear the clutter”, define HOW he wanted to make money online, and could make his mind quit spinning with all the other “details” that just plain didn’t matter.

Wouldn’t that be nice?

To just focus on ONE plan, and not having to know everything in the world there is to know? To not have to buy this and that and stay in the middle of all the confusion?

I’m sure 98% of the people reading this blog post are in this same position and that’s why I wanted to get the message out that spending money on a coach/mentor is hands down THE best way to spend your money. This is the kind of thing you should be investing in.

If you’d finally like to “declutter” your brain and get a clear path to profits I encourage you to check this out to see how you can get your own coach/mentor with myself or my biz partner Keith Lynch.

This is for a coaching session with one of us personally where we will get on the phone with you, talk with you about how you want to make money online, help you decide on the perfect business model for you, and then help you put that business model into place. Not only do you get the initial calls, but you also get 3 months of email coaching with us personally to help you along the way of building the business model that we plan out together.

Of course spots are limited because we have to take individual time with each client on this, so now is the time to grab yourself a spot!

Now no matter if you pick me as your coach/mentor, or Keith, or not that’s up to you, but whatever you do get yourself SOMEONE to help you!

This truly is the best money you’ll ever spend. In the long run you’ll save a ton of money, a ton of time, and start making money MUCH MUCH MUCH quicker!

Okay tomorrow we will continue on with this three part series and talk about the second thing you should be investing in.

See you then!

Here’s to wishing you a healthy, happy, and wealthy life!


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